Garret Grove's Journalism Portfolio

Garret Grove's Journalism Portfolio

My journey with journalism began by accident in my sophomore year of high school.

On Monday, August 8, 2016, I looked at my schedule and saw I had Foundations of Journalism on it. I was shocked, because I did not sign up for the class.

I was supposed to be in Spanish II.

I immediately wanted to leave the class. And as soon as walked into the journalism classroom, I made that known to Mr. Terry Cassreino, the journalism advisor. I applied to change my class schedule twice, but I had no success in doing so. 

After a week of no progress, my mother made me stay in the class. I hated being there the first two weeks, but I soon realized that I actally had a knack for journalism. I fell in love with the class, and I grew to be very fond of the advisor, Mr. Cassreino.

Being a student journalist is one of the titles of which I am most proud of.

This crazy yet remarkable story on how I got into journalism is a sign to me that I am called to do this and I am blessed beyond reason. 

I have been able to have some great internships since high schpol. Those include with the Madison County Journal and the Alabama Magazine. In 2020, I was fortunate to launch my own podcast and my own blog, which have been seen by people within the US, United Kingdom, and even Germany!

It means a lot that I have the ability to affect the way people take in information, and I don't take that lightly. I am thankful to my mentors all along the way, including my amazing advisor, Mr. Cassreino, the amazing journalists my age and older that I have interacted with, and of course, my mom. 




I am currently a sophomore at the University of Southern Mississippi. I am majoring in Journalism, with an emphasis in Broadcast. I also have a minor in business administration.

As a point of information, I transferred from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama to the University of Southern Mississippi in the Fall 2020 semester. 

Through journalism, I have learned and built upon important attributes such as communication, research, work ethic, and determination. These and other elements have helped me to achieve in other facets of life, including in academics, social circles, and spiritual development. These skills have proven themselves to be very valuable in college, and adult life in general. 

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Garret Grove

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