Garret Grove's Journalism Portfolio

Garret Grove's Journalism Portfolio

Madison County Journal Pieces

The first two articles below were writtten for the Madsion County Journal. It is located at 293 Commerce Park Drive, Ridgeland, Mississippi, 39157. I worked there from December 2018 to Januaury 2019 as an intern.

This was the most important piece I wrote during my internship at the Madison County Journal. It focused on the efforts of Master Gardener John Malanchak to show others his passion of gardening and to use that to have a lasting impact on their lives.

The Dominic Gardens are all over the Jackson Metro Area, and primarily serve children and adults with special needs, among others.

Mr. Malanchak is continuosly looking to expand Dominics Garden not just within the Jackson Metro Area, but around the world. He wants to lead a Dominics Garden via Skype to those in Israel and Germany. 

Link to garden story

Below is a link to the Madison County Journal's website where this story was also published.

Below is a story I wrote for the Madison County Journal, after my internship ended. It focused on how my journalism advisor, Mr. Terry Cassreino, had a petition that called for a rematch of the NFC Champiomship Game betweem the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints after a controversial call that the refs did not throw a flag on. 


The petition, which is now formally over, recieved 760,512 signatures and recieved national attention. Although there wasn't a rematch between the two teams, the petition served as a strong statement of the power that one person can have in turning heads and starting dialogue. 

Link to petition story

Below is a link to the Madison County Journal's website where this story was also published.

The Bear Facts Pieces

Below are two stories written for my school's newspaper, The Bear Facts.

These 2 stories highlight outreach our school has done for one St. Joseph Family, the Blaylocks. Events done throughout this school year helped to pay for the medical expenses of one of the youngest members of their family, Finn Blaylock, who is currently battling a rare form of cancer. 

Link to Blaylock stories

Below is a link to the stories from this edition of the newspaper published to Both start on page 1 and continue on page 3