Garret Grove's Journalism Portfolio

Garret Grove's Journalism Portfolio

Photo taken at Primos Cafe, a local eatery in the Jackson metro area.

I create and edit posts and photos as a local guide for Google.

The photo at the top of this page was taken at a local eating establishment in the Jackson Metro Area. I began doing this in November of 2018, and since then, I continue to edit and publish photos and reviews for quite a few of the places I have eaten out at.

Admittedly, I contribute as a local guide on Google for fun. But my reviews and photos have been seen by over 300,000 people on the Internet, so it means a lot to know that what I am doing has an impact. To read some reviews and see some photos, feel free to click the hyperlink below! 

One of the most apparent examples of editing you've probably noticed is the webiste template I have chosen. I have taken an unorthodox approach and I am using simplesite instead of wordpress to display my portfolio.

The reason why is simple: the way to engage audiences in a journalistic medium or story is to catch their attention. And that is not only done through the content in the story or how you say it, but how you present it. It is this princple that engages people to not only read your story, but to remember it.

That is what matters the most: that people read, listen to, or watch something, and remeber it so they can ultimately apply it to their lives to enlighten themselves and the world around them.

During my time at St. Joseph Catholic School, I have develpod skills in editing.

I have edited and critiqued my own and my colleagues' video packages and print stories.

Admittedly, it would be ideal if people knew how to edit their own video packages. But I still do my part to help those in our news organization in need of help, and in the process, I help to highlight what they need to cover in their repsective stories and I help them learn how to edit their own video packages in the process. This year, I have helped to formulate and edit 5 people's video packages. 

Admittedly though, I still have more to learn when it comes to editing, and Mr. Cassreino and my staff throughout my journalism career in high school have given me feedback to be the best I can be on the editing side of things. Going into college, I look forward to learning not only how to be an even better editor of content, but a better journalist as well. 

Additionally, I edit photos and posts that are to be made on our journalism program's Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Pages. Below are links to each one, respectively.

Something else I have done is help other fellow journalists outside of my school and even state. A perfect example is a fellow journalist who lives in Washington.

We met over the summer during a journalism conference and have kept in touch. I have given her advice when it came to her own portfolio as she did with me. We have even read each other's publised stories, and offerred our thoughts to each other on them. 

I am a firm believer that when it comes to journalistic ideals, we should support others who exemplify and cherish these ideals more than awards we can recieve indivdually. Journalists are still people, and people should always come before awards.

Don't get me wrong. Everyone -including myself- is trying to win the award of Journalist of the Year. But on the same note, it is important not to lose focus on who is around us, journalist or not, and support them in their endeavors.  

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