Garret Grove's Journalism Portfolio

Garret Grove's Journalism Portfolio

One of the best ways to reach out to my audience goes beyond my journalism program's weekly newscast, Bruin News Now. The best way to reach out to the community is through social media. 

I am the manager of our journalism program's Twitter Page @BruinNewsNow , Facebook page @BruinNewsNow , and Instagram on bruinnewsnow .

I created the Twitter Page in October 2018 to expand our school's social media presence. I created the Facebook Page and Twitter Page in March 2019. I send out all posts, videos, and photos from these accounts. The Twitter page was submitted in the 2019 MSPA Conference category for "Best Social Media Presence." It might seem pretty late in the school year to expand to two new platforms, but until I graduate, I will continue to do my part to help make my news organization the best it can be, and help it get as much exposure as possible. Links below!

Through social media, information can be administered at a moments notice, instead of just on a set publication date. A Twitter page was a first step, but as journalists, my advisor and I realized there was more we could do to reach out to our audience, comprised of students, family, faculty, staff, priests -and other religious clergy- and alumni. 

To do so, I expanded Bruin News Now to two more social media platforms; Facebook and Instagram. 

The initial response I got from the school community was much greater than the Twitter Page. 

For instance, I got at least one follower the day I created both accounts. On the Instagram page alone, I have gained an average of 7-8 followers a day. It took me 6 weeks to get 25 followers on the Twitter page, but it took less than 6 days to get 39 on the Instagram page. Growth has slowed down, but my publication's Instagram now has more followers than the Twitter page. 

Addmitedly, my success on the Facebook page has been limited. As of now, I only have one follower.

As the following from the Bruin News Now Instagram page parallels that of the Twitter Page, I have made use of a plan that involves primary dedication to Twitter and Instagram pages. Since Instagram is a photo-dominated medium, I will continue to cater to our audience on this platform by taking more photos and videos, which in turn can be implemented into the Twitter Page even moreso.

The key for me is to cater to our news organization's audience and actively try to impact their lives and inform them through the mediums that are most practical and easiest for them to use. 

The YouTube channel and the newspaper are relevant and both are very important to our news organization, but it is through Twitter and Instagram where we can best reach out to people about what the news organization has to offer before the newscast is uploaded or the newspapers are handed out.


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